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  • Cat’s Scratch Deterrent Tape (without Pins)

    0 out of 5

    Tired of your cat scratching your furniture and want an immediate solution that’s safe for your cat and won’t ruin the look of your home? Our transparent scratch deterrent tape…

  • Tilted Cat Food Bowls

    4.83 out of 5

    Does your cat throw up after meals? KatSupreme’s elevated multi-angle tilted bowl set can help. With a raised base and adjustable bowl angle, this two-bowl feeder promotes healthy spinal alignment…


We,”Bella” included are happy!!


We as a family are happy with these bowls. They are easy to clean ( and when you are washing the bowls three times a day) you want quick and easy. Bella gets wet food along with her dry and if you let wet food remnants sit, you know how dry and crusty they can get so I wash the bowl as soon as I can and the clean up it quick. Bella is just a kitten so so far we haven’t had any problems with her digesting her food but the height of the bowls seem right on point. We are happy and she is happy

~ Neek

Sticks extremely well


Easy to use, sturdiness, Quality is outstanding highly recommend. I have use other adhesive strips and this by far is the best in my opinion. I love, love this sticky XL sheets. I have purchased other brands in the past, but your product as far by the best quality, easy, sturdiness. I’m extremely happy and thankful.

~ Matthew Defrain

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