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Cat’s Scratch Deterrent Tape (without Pins)

Cat’s Scratch Deterrent Tape (without Pins)


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Tired of your cat scratching your furniture and want an immediate solution that’s safe for your cat and won’t ruin the look of your home? Our transparent scratch deterrent tape is an effortless training solution that stops unwanted scratching in its tracks.

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Highly recommend for cat owners that don't
want to put covers all over their furniture.


I wish I knew about these tape sheets sooner! I put the tape on the sides of my couch and the cats have given up on it. The sheets have a strong adhesion to the couch and they did not peel off when one of my cats went at it with her nails. (I also tested a small piece and it doesn’t destroy the couch when you peel it off!)

The cats now ignore the couch fabric and use the scratching post, like they should. You can cut the sheets to any size that you want but I used it whole to make sure that they don’t pick a new spot. Training tip: put the scratching post next to the couch until they quit the behavior.

The invisible way to stop scratching immediately

Without Scratch Deterrent Tapes

Cats naturally scratch textured surfaces like couch arms, carpets, and more. This behavior causes permanent damage.

With Scratch Deterrent Tapes

KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape makes the surface unappealing, instantly stopping unwanted scratching and preventing damage.

How the Tapes Work

KatSupreme’s scratch deterrent tape is the safe, invisible way to stop scratching immediately. ​

Use the power of invisible tape to deter and redirect unwanted scratching behavior. These double-sided tape sheets create a sticky shield that stops scratching instantly without damaging your furniture.

Forget about damaging upholstery pins, rolls of tape that don’t fit, and sticky residue on your furniture. KatSupreme’s scratch deterrent tapes are safe to use on any surface except for faux or real leather.

Unlike other solutions like declawing, the scratch tapes are painless and safe for your cat. The sheets are made from a cat-safe material that instantly deters without stressing or hurting your cat. It’s the perfect tool for safe, healthy training.

And unlike some other deterrent tape products, our extra-large sheets are easy to trim to size and flexible enough to wrap around couch arms and corners. When you’re done with the tape, just pull it off and reveal the undamaged furniture underneath.

We’re confident that you’ll love your KatSupreme scratch deterrent tapes. If you’re unsatisfied with any aspect of the product or experience, remember that you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.

How to Use the Scratch Deterrent Tapes

Here’s how to use the tapes. It takes less time than scolding your cat—promise.

Before applying the sheet to the problem area, vacuum your chosen surface to remove any dirt or grime that could hinder adhesion.

Slip out a single sheet. If you’d like to cover an area with an irregular shape or smaller size, trim the sheet to the correct measurements.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have the right size, remove the white protective sheet to expose the sticky surface, and carefully smooth it over your problem area. Once the sheet is stuck on your surface, remove the blue backing to expose the second sticky side.

After applying the tape, wait for your cat to try to scratch. The sticky surface will deter them immediately. Make sure to provide an alternative scratching surface like a good scratching post or pad, preferably near the problem scratching area.

Once your cat is fully trained to use the scratching post or pad, peel off the deterrent tape and enjoy your furniture!

Customize to Fit Your Furniture

KatSupreme’s scratch deterrent tape comes in a flexible sheet that molds to any shape. Have a smaller surface? Just pull out the scissors and cut your tape to size.

100% Safe for Cats

Forget about irritating sprays, uncomfortable nail caps, harmful declawing, or worse. Our scratch deterrent tapes are 100% safe and cat-friendly. We’re proud to save both couches and cats!

Invisible Anywhere

No more unattractive couch covers, upholstery pins, or sticky residue. KatSupreme scratch deterrent tapes are transparent enough to blend in anywhere, and they don’t leave a mark when they’re gone.


It’s safe to apply KatSupreme’s Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape to most surfaces, but we recommend avoiding leather and faux leather surfaces. The tape is residue-free and safe to apply on fabric upholstery, curved surfaces, couch corners, wooden furniture, and more. 


If you’re worried that it may not work on your furniture, cut a small piece and test it on an inconspicuous area.

To attach the bowl to the base in a flat position, set down the base with the logo facing towards you. Insert the bottom of the bowl into the closest indentation on the base and gently rotate clockwise. The bumps around the bowl base insert into the notches in the base and secure the bowl in place. Once the bowl no longer rotates clockwise, you’re ready to go! Simply rotate counterclockwise to remove the bowl.

To insert at an angle, follow the same process, this time lining up the bowl with the notches near to the rear of the base.

The sticky paw-feel of the scratch deterrent tape makes cats instantly lose interest, plus the ultra-strong tape adheres it strongly to your surface. You don’t have to worry about your cat ripping it or pulling it off of your furniture.

The sheets are packed flat and protected in a plastic sleeve.